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Tournament Series

These tournaments are fun and competitive events that are open to anyone. The cost is only $46 per person. We take $12 of that to use for prizes ($10 for flight prize money and $2 for Skins game). To sign up just call the golf course (636-456-8726).

 3-Person Scrambles

Saturday, March 13th 3-Person  10AM Start Results
Saturday, March 27th 3-Person 9AM Start Results
Saturday, April 10th 3-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, April 24th 3-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, May 8th 3-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, May 22nd 3-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, May 29th 3-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, June 12th 3-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, June 19th 3-Person  1:30PM Start Results


 2-Person Scrambles

Saturday, February 6, 2021 2-Person 11:00am Start  
Saturday, April 3rd 2-Person 7:30AM Start Results


The cost will be $46 which will include golf, cart and prize money. The prize money will include money for Flight winners and money for a Skin game. There will always be a minimum of two flights with the number of flights depending on the amount of players. Also we are putting money in a pool for the players that accumulate the most points over the course of the 8 one person scrambles. Every time you play you will receive a minimum of 5 points and will be able to earn other points through out the individual tournaments. To sign up just call the golf course (636-456-8726) or just show up at least a half hour prior to the start time.

RULES: The players will be allowed to play a second ball on any shot they deem not worthy, however if a second shot is hit it must be played. The golfer may not go back and play the first ball. The only exception to this is on the putting surface. Once on the putting surface the golfer may play two balls and take the best of the two.

 1-Person Scrambles

Saturday, March 20th 1-Person  9:00AM Start Results
Saturday, April 17th 1-Person 7:30AM Start Results
Saturday, May 1st 1-Person 1:00PM Start Results
Sunday, June 6th 1-Person 1:30PM Start Results
Sunday, June 13th 1-Person 1:30PM Start Results
Saturday, June 26th 1-Person 1:30PM Start Reserve Your Spot


Our Friday Couples’ Events are organized 9-hole scramble golf events. These are designed for couples wanting to meet new people and play fun golf. There are multiple winners each event and players of all skill levels have an equal chance to win prizes. Play in one event or all of them depending on your schedule! Due to the need of knowing how much to purchase for the meal we ask that you inform the clubhouse by noon on Thursday if you plan to play. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask by calling the clubhouse at 636-456-8726 . The cost is $38 per couple which includes golf, cart, the cost of the main entree and prizes.


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Our 2-person Senior Scramble costs $27 per person which includes 18 holes, cart, coffee, doughnuts and prize money. There will be an optional closest-to-the-hole for an additional $1. We will also have a happy hour in the bar immediately following the tournament. The dates and times are listed below. The times may vary throughout the year depending on the weather. Call the course to book your team.


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