1 Person Scramble

The cost will be $42 which will include golf, cart and prize money.  The prize money will include money for Flight winners and money for a Skin game.  There will always be a minimum of two flights with the number of flights depending on the amount of players.  Also we are putting money in a pool for the players that accumulate the most points over the course of the 8 one person scrambles.  Every time you play you will receive a minimum of 5 points and will be able to earn other points through out the  individual tournaments.  To sign up just call the golf course (636-456-8726) or just show up at least a half hour prior to the start time.

RULES:  The players will be allowed to play a second ball on any shot they deem not worthy, however if a second shot is hit it must be played.  The golfer may not go back and play the first ball.  The only exception to this is on the putting surface.  Once on the putting surface the golfer may play two balls and take the best of the two.

Here are the dates and times for these tournaments:

2018 One Person Scrambles

Saturday March 24- 9:00 Start  (rained out)

Saturday April 21- 7:30 Start

*Rescheduled March rain out to April 29th 1:00 Start*

Saturday May 19- 7:30 Start

Saturday June 9- 1:30 Start

Saturday July 28 – 7:30 Start

Saturday August 25- 7:30 Start

Saturday September 8- 7:30 Start 

**September 22-7:30 Start -2 clubs and a putter – 2-person Scramble**

Sunday October 21 – 12:30 Start



Winter Scrambles

Friday November 24 – Turkey Tourney 2-person Scramble  9:00 Start


Sunday January 1 – New Years Day Scramble 2-person Scramble  11:00 Start

Saturday February 3 – Pre-Super Bowl Open 2-person Scramble  11:00 Start



October 21, 2018


61-1st-$50-Mike Wright

62-2nd-$30-Joe Seerey

64-3rd-$20-Joe Blandina

65-4th-$12-henry Engemann

66-5th-$7-Kyle Thomure


69-1st-$50-Brian Voss

69-2nd-$30-Bob Delaloye

69-3rd-$20-Greg Barnhart

70-4th-$12-Tom Braiser

70-5th-$7-Charlie Amos


73-1st-$50-Jeff VanZee

73-2nd-$30-Scott Glover

43-3rd-$20-Ryan Ellebracht

74-4th-$12-Lindsey Gerlen

74-5th- $7-Ralph Lincoln


79-1st-$50-Rick Povis

79-2nd-$30- Gary Mueller

79-3rd-$20-Doug Povis

81-4th-$12- Keith Bickel

82-5th-$ 7- Curt Chamberlain

Skins Game $106

  2 on #10- Adam Povis  $53

           2 on  #14- Mike Wright  $53

September 8, 2018


Skin Game- $100

    3 on #3- Scott Glover    $20

    3 on #6 – Don Wright    $20

    3 on #2, 3 on #11 & 3 on #14 – Brendan David    $60

August 25, 2018


60-1st-$50-Jeff Sweeny

60-2nd-$30-Jeff Schultz

61-3rd-$17-Dave Lee



68-1st-$50-Doug Lorenz

68-2nd-$30-Bob Jenkins

68-3rd-$17-Nick Zuemuehler



71-1st-$50-Scott Meier

71-2nd-$30-T. Ulmer

71-3rd-$17-Mike Zimmermann



72-1st-$50-Bill Gailey

72-2nd-$30- Mel Link

72-3rd-$217-Zeke Theisen



75-1st-$50-Doug Povis


75-3rd-$17-  Greg Wondersee



78-1st-$50-Jim Malay

78-2nd-$30-Rick Povis

78-3rd-$17-Jason Scholehamer


Skin Game $130

        2 0n #14- Zeke Theison    $130


July 28, 2018


59-1st-$50-Kyle Thomure

61-2nd-$30-Al Wenzel

62-3rd-$20-Joe Blandina

63-4th-$10-Charlie Amos


66-1st-$50-B Vandergroff

66-2nd-$30-Dean Martin

66-3rd-$20-Josh Wyatt

66-4th-$10-R Matheson


68-1st-$50-John Slattery

68-2nd-$30-Brian Voss

68-3rd-$20-Mitchell Owenby

68-4th-$10-Justin Schaper


70-1st-$50-Tyler Richardson

70-2nd-$30- Corey Medlin

70-3rd-$20-Doug Povis

70-4th-$10- John Schulte


72-1st-$50-J Malay

72-2nd-$30-Rob Blankenship

72-3rd-$20-  Jeremy Luhring

72-4th-$10-Rick Luhring


75-1st-$50-Dave Barley

75-2nd-$30-Joe Faron

75-3rd-$20-Ron Rupple

75-4th-$10-Mike Murphy



78-1st-$50-Cliff David

80-2nd-$30- Koester


81-4th-$10-Dewey Daniels

Skin Game $172

           2 on #1- Kyle Thomure   $86

          2 on #6-Rob Blankenship   $86


June 9, 2018


63-1st-$50-Joe Blandina

63-2nd-$28-Eric Orf

63-3rd-$15-Scott Heintzelman

64-4th-$10-Lance Jaspering


67-1st-$50-Mike Petty

67-2nd-$28-Bob Moore

67-3rd-$15-Adam Povis

67-4th-$10-Steve Gassie


70-1st-$50-Kevin Rickman

70-2nd-$28-Greg Barnhart

70-3rd-$15-Gary Mueller

70-4th-$10-Scotty Glover


76-1st-$50-Nathan DeVore

76-2nd-$28- Mike Murphy

76-3rd-$15-Jerry Pherigo

76-4th-$10-Ralph Lincoln 

Skin Game $90

        2 on #1-Scott Heintzelman   $30

       3 on #13- Greg Stuhrenberg   $30

        3 on#18-K. Kleine  $30

May 19, 2018


63-1st-$50-Joe Pietzman

63-2nd-$30-Jeff Seerey

64-3rd-$20-Mike Wright

64-4th-$15-Bubba Garrett

65-5th-$10-Joe Blandina


68-1st-$50-Reggie Recker

68-2nd-$30-Rob Blankenship

68-3rd-$20-Greg Barnhart

68-4th-$15-Ben Woods

68-5th-$10-David Hecky


72-1st-$50-Mike Zimmerman

73-2nd-$30-Keith Moore

73-3rd-$20-Steve Davis

74-4th-$15-Daniel Mudd

74-5th- $10-Lou Seerey


78-1st-$50-Mike Murphy

79-2nd-$30- Rick Povis

80-3rd-$20-Stephen Barnhart

80-4th-$15- Matt Glosemeyer

81-5th-$ 10- Adam Evans

Skins Game $114

           2 on #6- Rob Blankenship  $57

           3 on  #13- Andrew Barry   $57

April 29, 2018


64-1st-$50-Joe Blandina

65-2nd-$30-Jeff Missey

65-3rd-$20-Mike Petty

65-4th-$10-Lance Jaspering

65-5th-$7-Garret Overman


70-1st-$50-Scotty Glover

71-2nd-$30-John Schulte

71-3rd-$20-Kevin Rickman

72-4th-$10-Mike Zimmerman

72-5th-$7 -Greg Barnhart


74-1st-$50-Jerry Pherigo

74-2nd-$30-Ruedi Bieri

74-3rd-$20-Steve Gassie

74-4th-$10-Steve Powitzky

75-5th- $7-Ozark


78-1st-$50-Mark Sells

78-2nd-$30- Karl Kallenbock

78-3rd-$20-Doug Povis

78-4th-$10- Rick Povis

79-5th-$ 7 – George Brune

Skins Game $104

           2 on #14- Mike Petty  $52

           3 on  #18- Les Martin   $52

April 21, 2018


58-1st-$50-Bryan Snider

60-2nd-$30-Lance Jaspering

65-3rd-$20-Joe Blandina

66-4th-$10-Al Wenzel


70-1st-$50-Charlie Amos

70-2nd-$30-Scotty Glover

71-3rd-$20-Steve Gassie

71-4th-$10-Chris Johnson


74-1st-$50-Ron Ruppel

74-2nd-$30-Mark Ferkel

74-3rd-$20-Keith Bickel

75-4th-$10-Tim Montgomery


77-1st-$50-Rick Povis

77-2nd-$30- Ruedi Bieri

77-3rd-$20-Doug Povis

77-4th-$10- Mike Murphy


80-1st-$50-Greg Booth

80-2nd-$30-Dewey Daniels

81-3rd-$20-Mike Zimmerman

81-4th-$10-Mitch Owenby

Skin Game $120

        2 on #10-Dave Barley   $30

        2 on #12 & 3 on #13- Bryan Snider   $60

        2 on#17-Lance Jaspering  $30


One Person Scramble Series Points Standings 2018

Scott Glover     64 pts.

Ruedi Bieri   53 pts.

Rick Povis     53 pts. 

Joe Blandina    48 pts. 

Tim Montgomery   45 pts.

Gary Mueller   44 pts.

Mike Murphy   44 pts. 

David Hecky    41 pts.

Steve Powitzky    38 pts.

Mike Zimmerman     37 pts. 

Steve Gassie     37 pts.

Doug Povis     37 pts.  

Rob Blankenship    36 pts.

Kevin Rickman      35 pts. 

Jason Schoelhamer     35 pts.

John Schulte    35 pts. 

Mike Petty   34 pts. 

Jerry Pherigo     33 pts.  

Dave Barley    33 pts.

Greg Barnhart   32 pts.

Matt Glosemeyer    32  pts. 

Adam Povis   32 pts. 

Jim Blankenship    31 pts.   

Al Wenzel   31 pts.

Lance Jaspering   30 pts.

Jeff Seerey   30 pts.

Don Wright    29 pts.

Charlie Amos   29 pts. 

Bob Delaloye        27 pt.

Keith Blankenship    26 pts. 

Steve Richardson   25 pts.

Ron Ruppel     23 pts. 

Steve Davis   23 pts.

Bob Hoffman   22 pts.

James Nash     22 pts.  

Nick Zurmuehlen   21 pts.

Chris Johnson     21 pts.

Karter Nash  21 pts.

Greg Booth  20 pts.

Ralph Lincoln    19 pts.

Aaron Hansen     19 pts.

Stephen Barnhart   18 pts.

Dan Murphy    18 pts.

Jeff VanZee    18  pts. 

Jim Malay      18 pts.

Elliott Povis     17 pts.

Ken Davis   17 pts.

Richie King      17 pts.

Keith Rickman     17 pts.  

Don Koester     17 pts.

Brian Voss    16 pts. 

Patti Lorenz    16 pts.

Jack Garrett    15 pts.

Mitch Owenby   15 pts. 

Ozark   15 pts.

Keith Bickel    15 pts.

Dewey Daniels  15 pts.

Brendon David   14 pts. 

Mark Forchee    14 pts.

Karl Kallenbock    14 pts.  

Mark Sells     14 pts.

Cliff David      13 pts.

Doug Lorenz     13 pts.

Joe Pietzman     13 pts.  

Mike Haines     13 pts.      

Andrew Barry   13 pts.

Keith Moore     13 pts.  

Justin Schaper   13  pts.

Corey Scharf   13 pts.

Dean Martin   13 pts.

Tyler Owenby  13 pts.  

John Schroeder    13 pts. 

Tim Heintzelman     12 pts.

Jeff Missey   12 pts.

Joe Friedoff      12 pts.

Mark Barclay     12 pts.

Travis Sanders    11 pts.

Dave Smith   11 pts.

Bob Moore     11 pts.

Nathan DeVore     11 pts.

Brad Mudd    11 pts.

Daniel Mudd         11 pts.

Mike Hopfer     11 pts.

Jerry Adams   11 pts.

Mike Ferguson    10 pts.

Dan Clegg   10 pts.

Will Daniels   10 pts.

Bryan Snider     10 pts.

Cory Medlin    10 pts.

Eric Orf    10 pts.

Garrett Hallemeier     10 pts.

Neal Smith    9 pts.

Bubba Garrett    9 pts.

Bill Gailey      9 pts.

Kyle Thomure    9 pts.

Rod  Matheson    8 pts.

Tom Ulmer     8 pts.

Zeke Theisen    8 pts.

Greg Wondersee    8 pts.

Jeff Schultz     8 pts.

Mel Lenk      8 pts.

Scott Heintzelman     8 pts.

Andy Pagano    8 pts.

Scott Meier     8 pts.

Mark Ferkel   8 pts.

Rick Luhring    8 pts.

Mike Wright   8 pts.

Reggie Recker    8 pts.

Duane Jefts     8 pts.

Jeromy Luhring    8 pts.

Josh Wyatt 8 pts.

Bud Willer     8 pts.

Ben Woods     8 pts.

Hick Preuss   8 pts.

Bob Jenkins    8 pts.

John Slattery   8 pts.

Tim LeCroy    8 pts.

B. Vandeqroff   8 pts.

Tyler Richardson    8 pts.

Joe Faron Jr.    8 pts.

Dave Lee     7 pts.

Nick Walls    7 pts.

Zeke Tyson    7 pts.

Alex Pacheco   7 pts.

Ron Ruby   7 pts.

Steven Kamp     7 pts.

R. Chapman     7 pts.

Joe Faron Sr.    7 pts

Jordan Barton     7 pts.   

K. Kleine    7 pts.

J. Klutenkamper    7 pts.

Can Mathus   7 pts.

Steve Capstick     7 pts.

Garret Overman     7 pts.

Tony Unterreiner    7 pts.

Steve Moorman   7 pts.

Rick Zee    7 pts.

George Brune   7 pts.

B. O’Dell    7 pts.

Will Williams      6 pts.

Les Martin      6 pts.

Lou Seerey     6 pts.

David Maine   6 pts.

Blake Miller   6 pts.

Mark Miller   6 pts.

Taylor Smith   6 pts.

Alan Mayer    6 pts.

Cody Mudd   6 pts.

Adam Evans    6 pts.

Bob Batzer   6 pts.

Tom Brasier    6 pts.

Jon Engeman    6 pts.

Chris Lochman     6 pts.

Steve Patterson    6 pts.

Curt Cottner   6 pts.

Kane Nettles      6 pts.

Derrick Couch      6 pts.

Brian Winkeler   6 pts.

John Shields      6 pts.

Brad Schwerdt     6 pts.

Jim Schwerdt    5 pts.

Bob Naes     5 pts.

Ed Woodruff      5 pts.     

Fred Engeman     5 pts.

Brian Wilson    5 pts.

Nick Theisen    5 pts.

Bill Cagle  5 pts.

Larry Evans     5 pts.

Steve Ruebling    5 pts.

Dave Powitzky    5 pts.

Jeremy Evans   5 pts.

Skip Sutter    5 pts.    

Zach Kleberger    5 pts.

Matt Evans    5 pts.

Mark Cain     5 pts. 

Pat Goodwin     5 pts.

Chuck Reeves    5 pts.

Tyler Recker    5 pts.

Mick Martin   5 pts.

Greg Stuhrenburg   5 pts.

Carl Schroer       5 pts.

Kenny Keene   5 pts.

 Rob Boegtli     5 pts.



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